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Hopefully you are in recovery or are giving moral support to someone who is. I would like to THANK Cindy Anthony for inspiring this blog. Aye, you read right. I read the transcripts of the you-know who’s 2nd visit to Larry King, read the Topix forums, and then listened to all of the immediate family’s interviews with law enforcement. Now, I had a bad run in with the law, me time serving society was sprinkled with tragedy, and now I am struggling 7 years later to keep a roof above me head. I am sorely tempted to start a non-profit for me little brother who o.d.ed and try to live off of him. I know he would not mind one bit. BUT I would, me sponsor would, and me program would become a sham. Now the last part is something me nor anyone else in recovery can afford. I have to crash (interview tomorrow, say a prayer) but I will write more tomorrow.

So where’s the punchline? Why did I thank her? well, I am bigger than the name calling, have had quite a life, and am NOT bitter about how me mistakes and selfishness stripped me down to nothing. Now is when it gets ugly and the need for the Serenity prayer keeps popping up I just think of them. I am clean, no longer in a VA homeless shelter, not in trouble with the law, and doing ok. I don’t have to scam anyone or mooch wearing a loved one’s death as some sort of entitlement badge.

My Recovery Page

OK, I have a TRUE birthday miracle to share (YOU be the judge):
As anyone who knows me can tell you, I have pretty much always been from a practicing Catholic family, a former member of the mighty 101st Airborne, and a history buff. I have been trying to get a rosary that the US Army issued in WW II but they have been a mint on ebay and everywhere else. Well my girl found one on ebay, wrote the seller and said I was in recovery, etc and she really wanted to get that for me as a birthday present. Apparently the woman sold it directly to her at a very reasonable cost. now this woman had no clue as to who I served with, when I served, etc, or my history buff’s love of that stuff. Here was her note regarding the “history’ of my rosary:


Here is information I have on the estate rosary:

John J.’Moe’Higgins, 1/501 PIR (Geronimo Battalion)

Moe Higgins of New Rochelle, NY, was an original member of the 1st/501st PIR, 101st Airborne. He is not to be confused with ‘Pinky’ Higgins of the same company, from Detroit. Moe went with Item company from Camp Toccoa to Austria. In Normandy, he was misdropped below Carentan with Lt Robert Saum’s stick, which was intended for Drop Zone ‘C’, (way up near Hiesville). Members of his stick made a precarious journey back to friendly lines which lasted a week. Moe survived the battles at Eerde, Holland and on the Island west of Arnhem. At Bastogne, he survived the costly battle of Wardin. By the time the above photo was made by friend Billy Ogle in Alsace, Moe had been through the wringer. He was a true combat veteran and survivor, whose stance, facial expression and demeanor reflect his status. He wears M43’s and is accustomed to never standing around with his hands in his pockets, even when smoking. His left hand is placed with the back side bent against his hip.
Pete Tessoff, a.k.a. ‘The Mad Russian’ was also a member of Item Company. He told me a funny story about a conversation he heard around VE-Day, between a new replacement 2d lieutenant, and Moe Higgins. The conversation was simple and went like this:”What’s your name, soldier?”
“What’s your name, soldier?”
“Moe Higgins.”
“What’s your name, soldier?”
“Private Moe Higgins.”
“What’s your name, soldier?”
“Private Moe Higgins, SIR…”
Moe died recently in N.Y., and in postwar years, was well-known to the tavern keepers in his neighborhood. This photo is one of my all time favorite 101st pics and gives a classic example that epitomizes the post-Bastogne Screaming Eagle.

Best Wishes,

I was floored!!! There were literally millions of these made and issued. To get one that was from a member of the 101st is bucking the odds. Now for the miraculous part. The 1st of the 501st was the very first non-school unit I was ever attached to. The man who previously owned this had the same MOS as me and was in the exact same battalion as I was 40 years later. From his exchange with the LT, he seemed like he was my kind of soldier, too. People can write it off as sheer coincidence but I feel it is a true “according to Hoyle” miracle. Feel free to share this story and PLEASE let me know what you think. I am still stunned. It truly gives me goosebumps thinking about it.


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