Shabbat Shalom! Another Great Week!


Well, for years I have been waiting for the “Recovery Fairy” to show up. As it is, I been listening to folks share how great their lives had become for over a decade, really. After getting clean, I have had to live in vet housing (grateful but still…), had a son shot, lived in abject poverty, landed a well paying gig only to have Homeland Security pull me 355 days into it, got burned in a “rent to own” scam, and lost another job being forced out by a megalomaniac who is openly anti-Semitic. Those things did not make me bitter, far from it. But they DID make me uncomfortable when someone with a year clean would share about getting the girl back, the love of their children, promotions, blah blah blah.

Since honesty is one of our key spiritual principles in staying clean, I have to share what would genuinely p*ss me off. Someone with 6 months clean, 3 of those months in the county jail, bussed in from a half-way house and whining about wanting a car, a girl, and/or a place. Sadly, they’d usually phrase it as “a whip, some bitches, and a crib”. Well, the best things that has happened over the past 2 years is a great relationship developing with my 17 year old daughter and another one budding with my 15 year old daughter. I finally landed a fun and challenging job in my field, well paying, and downtown. I am looking at new apartments in Squirrel Hill or Greenfield AND I am a full blown member of my synagogue. It took a decade but I really do have it made. Thanks for letting me share.


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