Every Day IS a Good Day!


I was floored to get a couple emails from folks worried about me. I doubted anyone even read these posts. Well, G-d got me another really good job. It’s a long drive (McMurray, ouch!)  but I have been spoiled by working downtown a huge chunk of me adult life. Its in my field, good pay, and is a GREAT atmosphere. Beats the tar out of the place I left. Moving ASAP but that was coming. Having that unexpected 10 weeks without a pay or my own biz REALLY hurt but HaShem seen me through.  My children are doing well, my two teen age daughters love me, my ex can can take me for 10-15 minutes at a time and, hopefully, my other children are seeing me not giving in nor up. Anyhow, life is great. I am clean, hit meetings, talk to my sponsor, and take it one day at a time. Tristy says “Meow!”

Tristy the Amazing Cat Who Fights the Chimera


3 Responses to “Every Day IS a Good Day!”

  1. Lysvaminda Says:

    Please email me Lysvaminda

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  2. Pretty Kitty Kitty Kitty. 🙂

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