Greetings From Squirrel Hill in good ol’ Pittsburgh, PA


Well, I’m 90% moved in. My old place has a basement that floods whenever it rains hard. This area got pounded and its slippery and yucky down in the basement again. Everything down there is on pallets but moving company says the slickness, etc. is dangerous. I have to carry upstairs all that stuff. Oh, well. 99% of the loose stuff and any furniture me car could tote is now here. As much as I try to live a drama-free life, I can’t control the world. That especially applies to people and situations. The ONLY thing in my control is how I react to things. Work the steps, talk to me sponsor, pray and stay clean is my arsenal against any budding soap operas. On the plus side I can now walk to synagogue again, I see my middle daughter at least once a week, my sister is a big part of my life, and I have some outstanding sincere friends. I’ll be happy when I have some forms of permanency. One day at a time.



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