Your Humble Narrator

Thom MacIntyre
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

LONGTIME MCP, MCSE, and a BMF to boot.Strong utility player, an IT resource who can handle level I, II, & III support and all combinations, thereof. Even more important, I can get along with ANYONE. This was true in the infantry, working as a temp, managing temps, and managing a union laundry. These were all experiences that polished an ability to draw forth good stuff from people. A professional leaves the crying for the kids…

Working under duress with no problems, excuses, or crying. Rare combo of people skills matching technical skills. I started in IT in 1987, several epochs by tech standards. I am as familiar with what makes a box run as almost any other pro on the eastern seaboard.

“Thom is the reason I wanted to become a sysadmin. One of my proudest memories is when Thom received the Spirit Of ServiceWare award at our quarterly meeting. In a world saturated with yes-men and MBA’s, Thom leads by example. He doesn’t stand behind you, screaming “take that hill!”; he stands in front of you, shouting “follow me!”. I wholeheartedly recommend Thom as a technician and as a leader.” Chris Den Uyl, Network Administrator, ServiceWare, worked indirectly for Thom at ServiceWare

“Thom’s dedication and energy displayed in getting to the bottom of difficult, highly complex problems was little short of amazing. He always maintained a cheerful and highly professional demeanor in his relations with me and my staff. In our highly charged, rapidly changing technological environment, he rapidly became the “go to” man for us all. I cannot recommend him too highly.” Adrian Amstutz, Content Quality Assurance Manager, ServiceWare, managed Thom indirectly at ServiceWare

“I met Thom over 20 years ago. I watched him rise through the ranks at Mellon Bank. He advanced quickly because he combined intelligence, education, experience and determination. Thom would be an asset to any endeavor.” Carl Dettlinger, Computer Operator, Mellon Bank, reported to Thom at Mellon Bank


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